Schwalbe Marathon vs Durano

After using Schwalbe Maraton for 1½ year I changed to Durano just before the biggest race in Sweden, Vätternrundan.

Already on my testrun I felt both the up and downsides of changing. It definitely goes faster, about 2-3 km/h (up from barely 30 km/h with my Marathons). Turning feels quicker and more controlled.

The marathons do have their strenghts too though.

After 800 kms I’ve had two punctures on my duranos (none on my old tires after about 4000 km) – both non-piercing and on the front-tyre. First one happened just outside my home, pushing it at about 30 km/h with the sun in my eyes I hit a pothole and the bike jumped about two meters and the front-wheel landed on a man hole and slid toward the asphalt ridge around it, The tube punctured in 5 different places as the tire was almost ripped of the wheel. No holes in the tire.

Second happened at a construction site where they put an inch-thick metalplate over the road. This time I was a lot more careful, going only about 15 km/h but still the tubing punctured – and no damages on the tire.


~ by thelegacyvashj on 2010/08/17.

2 Responses to “Schwalbe Marathon vs Durano”

  1. […] no my bike, which I later on switched to Duranos. However, after getting 3 pinch flats and one weird one  I started looking for something else. Panaracer makes some even lighter 406 tires and I ordered one […]

    • Hmm.. what are you getting at? I meant “on my bike” above if that lead to some understanding..

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